Building BB Apps: What have I gotten myself into? Pt1

Wow. It’s been a hot second.  When I first started this blog I promised myself I would add at least a post a day; but I kind of failed yesterday. I just moved into a new apartment & so I’m distracted and discombobulated. I’m sitting on the floor with my computer, TV and doritos. So, yea.
You’re like, I didn’t come here to hear about your personal life. Agreed.

Building BB Apps (not 101, because I’m not even at 101 myself), part 1.  I’ve entitled this post “what have I gotten myself into?” because that’s what I’m thinking right about now.  Overwhelmed. Let’s begin:

First. Go to Blackberry App World.  At the bottom of the homepage you’ll see in really tiny, microscopic print “Developers:”

See what I’m talking about? Microdetails.  You can click the picture or this link if you’re feeling particularly lazy.
Welcome to BB’s Developer Zone! Step 1 of 5,000,000,000,000..

2. Next you need to register ^^  It’s really simple, and takes about .4 seconds.  If you’re like me and you’re obviously not a corporation, app developer, partner, etc. then just click off professor/student. I am a student, but if you’re not your excuse can be: I’m a student in the learning of blackberry app school.  It also has zero affect on your app experience, the developer’s world & what have you.. You’ll get a confirmation email, of course:

3. Click the link to activate your account & congrats! Now you can access Blackberry’s Developer Zone. Oooo “Developer Zone.”

I suggest taking a tour and clicking as many links as possible to familiarize yourself with the Zone.  It gets a little overwhelming. I was overwhelmed at first, but small steps people, small steps..
I personally suggest the developer support forum. Even if you don’t understand 50% of what’s going on, just read as much as possible. It helps.

Stay tuned.


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