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Now here’s a simple photo upload app. Above is a screenshot I grabbed from my BB.  Photobucket is a standard BB app, and you should be able to find it in your “downloads” folder, but that’s just a shortcut which will take you to the mobile site where you can upload the actual app.

The particularly great thing about this app (that I like anyway) is the automatic upload everytime you take a pic on your BB. Snap a photo, it instantly uploads on photobucket – you don’t even have to think about it (although make sure your privacy settings are adjusted accordingly; “public” is the default setting).

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VScreenshot has just single-handedly become the 2nd most important item in my blog life (blife?) – next to my blackberry, of course. What does Vscreenshot do? It captures screenshots on your BB.  For all those times you told someone someone told you something, and they didn’t believe you, now you click, email – bam!

This could be a problem for drunk texters.

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