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Starbucks: Mobile Card on your Blackberry

Coffee and blackberries, yum.  Starbucks has an app that converts your BB into your Starbucks card. Good move Starbucks, good move.

Note: If you don’t have a Starbucks card, this app is semi-useless as its only non-card feature is a store locator; which didn’t work last time I tried it, event though I was standing in front of a Starbucks, but I’ll give the app the benefit of the doubt and say that it probably works. Most of the time.

The Starbucks app isn’t available through BB app world (hmmm), but that’s probably another good move on Starbucks’ part because there is a large possibility it could get terrible reviews, and that’s just not good PR.

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Struggling to find love? There’s an app for that.

(If you’re Indian).

This is a first. Now you can find a husband or wife via a BB mobile app! Of course for now, it seems as though is the only dating matrimonial site doing this… I’m not really surprised, this is a pretty revolutionary idea.
It seems as though we’re making ourselves more and more awkward each passing day, when it comes to dating. Case point: “At one point we realised that users were not comfortable meeting people online and that’s how the whole idea came about” – some guy who works for
What? Soo…..  People are uncomfortable interacting behind computer screens & more comfortable with texting?  Can you imagine a guy sitting on his couch, alone in his apartment, phone in hand, texting “do you want kids?” “what is your favorite food?” “what are you doing?” (texting you, clearly).  Maybe these people aren’t ready to get married, there’s a thought.

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8 yr old amasses $1400 debt via Game App

Beware of hidden-fee apps: Blackberry, Android, and Iphone alike.
I was just watching my local news channel a second ago (in between commercials for Judge Judy, of course) & heard words that didn’t make any reasonable sense: “8 year old” “iphone app” “charges $1400 on her parents credit card” “building a mushroom house”–
First and foremost, 8 year old and iphone shouldn’t be in the same sentence together. What are parents thinking these days? To be honest, I can’t even use an iphone (all the touch screening and turning), and an 8 year old is building a magic mushroom house in her smurf village?

Let me break it down for you guys:

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Spy Bubble, Is this even legal?

I kind of have mixed feelings about the Spy Bubble app.
It targets 3 key demographics:
1. Jealous/Suspected Cheating Spouses.
2. Parental control for young kids.
3. Employers making sure their employees are using their work BBs for work alone.

Ok, #2 is fine. I get that. It’s the same thing as filtering out certain TV channels through your cable provider, or limiting your child’s settings on the web. That makes sense to me.
And *maybe* #3 is justifiable.
But spying on your spouse because you suspect them of cheating? Anyone remember the story of the woman who is suing her husband for reading her emails because he suspected her of cheating? Yea, that didn’t go quite the way he planned. What makes the Spy Bubble app even MORE outrageous than just, flipping through your partner’s phone while they’re in the shower, or rummaging through their briefcase or purse, are the features that comes with Spy Bubble

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SUPERBOWL Sunday 2011: Quick Picks

Superbowl 2011: Steelers V Packers

It’s that time again: Superbowl four-hundred-fifty-two (it kind of feels like that sometimes doesn’t it?)
Who’s going to win? Steelers (yes) or the Packers (God, I hope not otherwise I’m losing $5).

BB App Quick Picks:

Steelers fans can download, for FREE, a live-stream right/instant replay/what’s going on/I’m so far from the field I can’t even make out the teams**
(** You have to be at the actual stadium, at the Superbowl. I know) BUT! How cool is that? You can go to the bathroom, grab a beer, stand in an extraordinarily long line for a $10 hotdog & not miss a beat.

Packers fans can piss off their Steeler friends by downloading a Green Bay Packers theme to their BB. Now when you bust out your blackberry, people know what’s up. It’s the perfect complement to your cheese hat.

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