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Quick Picks: Tawkon, app that lowers cancer risk?

Say what?
Tawkon, is a mobile app company that has developed a program that monitors radiation levels emitted by your smartphone.  I never knew this before, but I schooled myself and discovered this: radiation comes from a mobile carrier’s antenna, meaning, the closer you are to your T-Mobile/Verizon/AT&T, etc. antenna, the more radiation your phone produces.   Continue reading


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VScreenshot has just single-handedly become the 2nd most important item in my blog life (blife?) – next to my blackberry, of course. What does Vscreenshot do? It captures screenshots on your BB.  For all those times you told someone someone told you something, and they didn’t believe you, now you click, email – bam!

This could be a problem for drunk texters.

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