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Just in time for Valentine’s Day: “Facebook Stalking” Apps

Oh love.  Anyone doing anything for Valentine’s Day? Yea me either. (Unless you answered “yes” to that question). I’ll probably just be unpacking boxes in my new apartment.  Alone.  Ugh.

Scammers are smart.  They spend 99% of their time trying to figure out how to con the average person & 1% actually scamming.  The holidays are considered primetime for scammers, especially V-Day. Why? Because your emotions are all screwed up and you’re emotionally vulnerable and sad. Just really sad. So naturally this is the time when the mother of all mobile (and computer) app scams pops up: the “Facebook Stalking” app scam.

Sounds promising doesn’t it?  The scam generally says something along the lines of– “see who views/stalks/creeps your profile”  then, curiosity piqued, you click the link.  Everything looks pretty legit.  Just like all apps it asks for access to some info in order for the app to work, and sometimes even has you enter a CAPTCHA (smart); but all it does is latch onto your profile, spam your friends’ walls and state how many times you viewed their profile (it makes up a number; it doesn’t actually know). That’s just the computer-version.

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Admission Splash: Want to know your chances of getting into college?

Well this would have helped me a few (well, more like several) years ago.  Kids these days, so lucky.
So this is great news, Admission Splash is a new app launching today by Facebook (read the article here)- you plug your info in such as GPA, volunteer work, SAT scores, etc. & Admission Splash uses a unique algorithm, custom tailored to each of its more than 1500+ schools to tell you what your chances are of getting into said college. (Can save you some of that expensive app-fees)

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