BB Chatting (Part Dos): Whats App

Whatsapp! (Pun on what’s up, get it GETIT?!). Anyway, I can’t help but be reminded of my Minnesotan-family members trying to say “what’s up” in their minneSOhtah accent.
I have to thank my friend, who’s currently residing in South Africa, for telling me about this app.

Whatsapp let’s BB, Android, Nokia and Iphone users all talk to one another via a BBM-like messenger called, wait for it… Whatsapp Messenger! Surprise!
You might be thinking, well what’s the big deal because I have an unlimited text message plan (me too), but for those few out there who haven’t hopped on that trend, this app provides free smartphone to smartphone interface.  Also, if you have friends abroad, like my South African friend, it’s great because you can text with them for free.


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