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BB Chatting: Yahoo, BBM, Google Talk, AIM.

Before I start this review off, I have to say this – I hate chatting.
I’m not quite sure why. I am very social in real life, and then my internet personality is completely anti-social and creepy; it’s kind of backwards.  But, you know.

So let’s get this party started! All of these chit chat chatty tats come standard on your BB, so it’s not like you have a choice here.

BBM: A lot of people like bbm.  It’s free.  It makes BB users feel interconnected. It’s also awkward.  People know when you’ve read their messages, and they know when you’ve chosen to ignore them.  Has anyone else gotten into trouble for not responding quickly enough/at all? This one has.
It also gives your friends the impression that you’re 24/7 accessible. I’m pretty sure no one has ever bbm’d me to say anything meaningful, it’s mostly “hey” – let me give you a hypothetical conversation:
– (I usually wait 5 minutes for further info, it never comes). “hey, what’s up?”
“nothing. you?”
– (ugh) (insert some excuse) “hey, i’m actually not doing a damn thing in class, can i talk to you later?”

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Admission Splash: Want to know your chances of getting into college?

Well this would have helped me a few (well, more like several) years ago.  Kids these days, so lucky.
So this is great news, Admission Splash is a new app launching today by Facebook (read the article here)- you plug your info in such as GPA, volunteer work, SAT scores, etc. & Admission Splash uses a unique algorithm, custom tailored to each of its more than 1500+ schools to tell you what your chances are of getting into said college. (Can save you some of that expensive app-fees)

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