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SUPERBOWL Sunday 2011: Quick Picks

Superbowl 2011: Steelers V Packers

It’s that time again: Superbowl four-hundred-fifty-two (it kind of feels like that sometimes doesn’t it?)
Who’s going to win? Steelers (yes) or the Packers (God, I hope not otherwise I’m losing $5).

BB App Quick Picks:

Steelers fans can download, for FREE, a live-stream right/instant replay/what’s going on/I’m so far from the field I can’t even make out the teams**
(** You have to be at the actual stadium, at the Superbowl. I know) BUT! How cool is that? You can go to the bathroom, grab a beer, stand in an extraordinarily long line for a $10 hotdog & not miss a beat.

Packers fans can piss off their Steeler friends by downloading a Green Bay Packers theme to their BB. Now when you bust out your blackberry, people know what’s up. It’s the perfect complement to your cheese hat.


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