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Now here’s a simple photo upload app. Above is a screenshot I grabbed from my BB.  Photobucket is a standard BB app, and you should be able to find it in your “downloads” folder, but that’s just a shortcut which will take you to the mobile site where you can upload the actual app.

The particularly great thing about this app (that I like anyway) is the automatic upload everytime you take a pic on your BB. Snap a photo, it instantly uploads on photobucket – you don’t even have to think about it (although make sure your privacy settings are adjusted accordingly; “public” is the default setting).

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Quick Picks: Tawkon, app that lowers cancer risk?

Say what?
Tawkon, is a mobile app company that has developed a program that monitors radiation levels emitted by your smartphone.  I never knew this before, but I schooled myself and discovered this: radiation comes from a mobile carrier’s antenna, meaning, the closer you are to your T-Mobile/Verizon/AT&T, etc. antenna, the more radiation your phone produces.   Continue reading

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Admission Splash: Want to know your chances of getting into college?

Well this would have helped me a few (well, more like several) years ago.  Kids these days, so lucky.
So this is great news, Admission Splash is a new app launching today by Facebook (read the article here)- you plug your info in such as GPA, volunteer work, SAT scores, etc. & Admission Splash uses a unique algorithm, custom tailored to each of its more than 1500+ schools to tell you what your chances are of getting into said college. (Can save you some of that expensive app-fees)

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In Case Of Emergency (ICE)

Serious post here.  In Case of Emergency is an app that could potentially save your life as it did for one woman. (& it’s free)!
Technically we are all supposed to carry some sort of card which lists our medical information such as: emergency contact, blood type, known medical history, allergies to certain medications etc.  But honestly, do we? Not really. Which is why this app is so great, because now you have zero excuse not to.

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VScreenshot has just single-handedly become the 2nd most important item in my blog life (blife?) – next to my blackberry, of course. What does Vscreenshot do? It captures screenshots on your BB.  For all those times you told someone someone told you something, and they didn’t believe you, now you click, email – bam!

This could be a problem for drunk texters.

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Go Daddy

Go Daddy BB app, buying overpriced .coms and managing non-bid auctions has never been easier!

I can’t even hate, I actually have 18 domains at Go Daddy. They suckered me in when I was a newbie and now I’m too afraid of change to do anything about it.
Am I the only one who is absolutely boggled by the choice of “Go Daddy” for a domain name? It sounds a bit like a sugar daddy/sugar baby website or a old man/young girl porn site. I don’t know.

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