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PrivacyStar: Block Unwanted Calls

Are debt collectors constantly harassing you?  Do the words “out-call” or “in-call ONLY” describe your profession? Or maybe that cheating ex you dumped after you whipped the SpyBubble app on won’t stop calling you & wants your crazy totally sane ass back.  Well, the PrivacyStar app, launched by First Orion, does a couple of neat tricks.

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Spy Bubble, Is this even legal?

I kind of have mixed feelings about the Spy Bubble app.
It targets 3 key demographics:
1. Jealous/Suspected Cheating Spouses.
2. Parental control for young kids.
3. Employers making sure their employees are using their work BBs for work alone.

Ok, #2 is fine. I get that. It’s the same thing as filtering out certain TV channels through your cable provider, or limiting your child’s settings on the web. That makes sense to me.
And *maybe* #3 is justifiable.
But spying on your spouse because you suspect them of cheating? Anyone remember the story of the woman who is suing her husband for reading her emails because he suspected her of cheating? Yea, that didn’t go quite the way he planned. What makes the Spy Bubble app even MORE outrageous than just, flipping through your partner’s phone while they’re in the shower, or rummaging through their briefcase or purse, are the features that comes with Spy Bubble

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