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Just in time for Valentine’s Day: “Facebook Stalking” Apps

Oh love.  Anyone doing anything for Valentine’s Day? Yea me either. (Unless you answered “yes” to that question). I’ll probably just be unpacking boxes in my new apartment.  Alone.  Ugh.

Scammers are smart.  They spend 99% of their time trying to figure out how to con the average person & 1% actually scamming.  The holidays are considered primetime for scammers, especially V-Day. Why? Because your emotions are all screwed up and you’re emotionally vulnerable and sad. Just really sad. So naturally this is the time when the mother of all mobile (and computer) app scams pops up: the “Facebook Stalking” app scam.

Sounds promising doesn’t it?  The scam generally says something along the lines of– “see who views/stalks/creeps your profile”  then, curiosity piqued, you click the link.  Everything looks pretty legit.  Just like all apps it asks for access to some info in order for the app to work, and sometimes even has you enter a CAPTCHA (smart); but all it does is latch onto your profile, spam your friends’ walls and state how many times you viewed their profile (it makes up a number; it doesn’t actually know). That’s just the computer-version.

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8 yr old amasses $1400 debt via Game App

Beware of hidden-fee apps: Blackberry, Android, and Iphone alike.
I was just watching my local news channel a second ago (in between commercials for Judge Judy, of course) & heard words that didn’t make any reasonable sense: “8 year old” “iphone app” “charges $1400 on her parents credit card” “building a mushroom house”–
First and foremost, 8 year old and iphone shouldn’t be in the same sentence together. What are parents thinking these days? To be honest, I can’t even use an iphone (all the touch screening and turning), and an 8 year old is building a magic mushroom house in her smurf village?

Let me break it down for you guys:

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BB v Iphone

So recently Juniper Research released a long-ass (& really expensive) study that said, in a nutshell, by 2015 the number of apps downloaded will be in the 25B range (source).

World-wide about 30M apps are downloaded per day, with BB accounting for about 2M of those apps. I’m no math genius, but basically it’ll take BB about 3 years to hit the 1B mark. Why is iphone leaving BB in the dust?

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