RIM offers free PlayBook for app developers

Is this RIM’s solution to their app-less PlayBook problem?  First we heard that RIM was looking at making the PlayBook compatible with Android’s more than 130,000 apps in an effort to boost PlayBook sales & create a bunch of hype pre-launch.  Now RIM is offering free PlayBooks (through mid-March) for app developers who create a “quality” PB app.  Once you submit it, if RIM likes it, bam! Free PlayBook for you.

It’s that easy. Or is it?

Obviously if it was “easy” RIM wouldn’t be offering free PBs because developers would be making PB apps in bunches without the incentive.  So, in order to further make things easier for developers, RIM has set up several forums, app development kits/packages, tutorials, videos, software, documents, blogs, and newsletters (also for free).  Last night, in just a few minutes, I registered for membership to the Developer Zone.  I was going to poke my head around to see what the fuss is all about, and of course keep bbappreview updated on what I discover.


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