PrivacyStar: Block Unwanted Calls

Are debt collectors constantly harassing you?  Do the words “out-call” or “in-call ONLY” describe your profession? Or maybe that cheating ex you dumped after you whipped the SpyBubble app on won’t stop calling you & wants your crazy totally sane ass back.  Well, the PrivacyStar app, launched by First Orion, does a couple of neat tricks.

1. You can block any number.
2. Reverse phone lookup.  SO IT SAYS.
3. Auto-block top & repeating offenders.
4. Automatic voicemail call-forwarding + text message. (Or: *ring* “Hey this is Whitney V, leave me a message!” *beep* text message: “hey I got your missed call, I’ll call you back later!” <– fake, pre-set text that makes the caller you’re trying to avoid feel special).
5. Reporting telemarkets & debt collectors.

You can find it at bb app world: here. It says “free” but it’s really a “free 7 day trial” which then converts into a $2.99 per month fee for use.  You could also join the National Do Not Call Registry, for free. Because really, unless you were any of the aforementioned ^ peeps, you probably don’t need a monthly number-blocking service.


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