Blackberry “PlayBook” Tablet

The much hyped, long-awaited for Blackberry “PlayBook” Tablet (ps. whatever happened to calling it the Black Pad?) Black Pad sounded a little too “ipad” for my tastes anyway.  Can RIM please stop obsessing over all things Apple (they even did a video comparing ipad to the new playbook).  It’s becoming a little sad.

Moving on.  There are a couple of things to note here:

1. Want to make some BIG bucks? Develop a PlayBook app.  RIM is currently accepting all app applications (app apps would have been a little redundant): here.  Currently the PlayBook app market is pretty pathetic/scarce.  Are making apps easy? Not really. Are they even harder when developed for RIM products? Yep. But, I didn’t say it would be easy. Luckily, RIM has set up a PlayBook App Developer forum!  It’s in their best interest to get as many PlayBook apps lined up pre-launch as possible.  Otherwise we’ll have another Storm situation on our hands (apple-mimic product, not very app compatible).

2. Buy RIM stock pre-launch; it doesn’t take a Wall Street wiz to get that.

(Oh, and the PlayBook will cost $499; Oh, RIM..)

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