Poynt” (pronounced: point) opens to a home screen that asks, “where can we poynt you today?”
PS Don’t you like how everything is a little *cutesy* name nowadays? Like poynt, woot, buzzd, joomla, yola, google, twitter, yahoo, weeby; & then we wonder why p30p13  +@lK  lyyK3 +HiS.

I like this app, overall. The icons swirl in a circle to reveal the following options: Restaurants, Gas Prices, Events, Map It, Business, People & Movies.

You can search 1. nearby 2. by name and 3. by cuisine. Now, while it’s searching – it shows you a list of featured sponsors. Which is kind of weird. And I guess certain restaurants can pay more to have a spot at the top of the search results (in fact this whole app is loaded with ads, sponsors, etc.)

Gas Prices
Search by: 1. nearby 2. best prices. More sponsored listings up top, but if you scroll down you see the closest gas stations + prices.

Search by: 1. events nearby 2. venues nearby 3. categories 4. search events (seems a little redundant) 5. search performers. You can even change the date at the top of the app, otherwise the default setting is “This Week”– Once you see an event you like, you can click on it for more details.  See below:

Map It
This is one of the more confusing features… I did see some icons that had maps next to them, so I imagine if you click on them it will show you the place on the map – but if you just click “Map It” as an icon, it shows you your location & not much else.

Business & People
Both Business and People are directories- you might not be able to tell this (because the Business icon doesn’t indicate what exactly you’re supposed to do) but you just type in the name of a business, and click enter.  There aren’t any options for categories or anything of that nature. Not really sure why, it could definitely help.

As you can see by the screenshot below, some of the movies have RottenTomatoes reviews. Score! (But why not all of them? Who knows.)

You can find Poynt here at bb app world.

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