Mixed Feelings: In-App Payments

In-App Payments: great news for developers and Blackberry, but so/so news for users?

About a week ago Research in Motion (RIM) debuted BB App world 2.1 with in-app feature support.
What are in-app payments?  It’s a payment function that developers had been pushing for as it allows them to offer an app for free, but! once you download the app, there are several opportunities for upgrades and premium features that cost money.

Developers win because they have this bait & hook ’em strategy; users can get a small feel for an app, but the even *cooler* and *better* features will cost money.

RIM wins because, well.. they win at everything.  Has anyone else been noticing how annoying it is when you visit the mobile site of, let’s say WordPress, and you want to download their app, and instead of just having the damn thing on the site, they direct you to click the link to head to BB App World? You know, sometimes I just find myself on a website and want to download the app there.  I could really do without additional clicking. So they win because whatever, it increases developers incentives to create more apps, more revenue, more lambourghinis.

Where does this leave the rest of us plebes?  Well, now we’re going to be bombarded with “free” apps that have a whole bunch of hidden/apparent fees.  But, at the same time, now the broke general public will have access to premium apps that we didn’t want to pay for never had before.

I googled in-app payments and this is one of the images I got:

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