Quick Picks: Tawkon, app that lowers cancer risk?

Say what?
Tawkon, is a mobile app company that has developed a program that monitors radiation levels emitted by your smartphone.  I never knew this before, but I schooled myself and discovered this: radiation comes from a mobile carrier’s antenna, meaning, the closer you are to your T-Mobile/Verizon/AT&T, etc. antenna, the more radiation your phone produces.  Poorer phone reception = more radiation.  This is where Tawkon, in partnership with WeFi, come into the picture — the app constantly monitors your phone’s radiation levels, and let’s you know when the radiation amount gets to unsafe levels.  It then switches your phone onto WiFi mode by connecting to local wifi hotspots.  WiFi emits lower levels of radiation than mobile service providers.

This leads me to my next set of questions:

1. Why aren’t phone companies doing this already? Sounds pretty simply.  I’m sure once this app catches on that mobile companies will be scrambling to have this service come standard (which sucks for Tawkon since this is their only piece of work so far).

2. You know the quality of life sucks when we have to produce apps that help us protect ourselves from our phones.  Next up: radiation-free microwaves?

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