Spy Bubble, Is this even legal?

I kind of have mixed feelings about the Spy Bubble app.
It targets 3 key demographics:
1. Jealous/Suspected Cheating Spouses.
2. Parental control for young kids.
3. Employers making sure their employees are using their work BBs for work alone.

Ok, #2 is fine. I get that. It’s the same thing as filtering out certain TV channels through your cable provider, or limiting your child’s settings on the web. That makes sense to me.
And *maybe* #3 is justifiable.
But spying on your spouse because you suspect them of cheating? Anyone remember the story of the woman who is suing her husband for reading her emails because he suspected her of cheating? Yea, that didn’t go quite the way he planned. What makes the Spy Bubble app even MORE outrageous than just, flipping through your partner’s phone while they’re in the shower, or rummaging through their briefcase or purse, are the features that comes with Spy Bubble

(-) SMS Tracking
SMS tracking keeps a log of EVERY SMS text received and sent, even if the user has deleted the text messages.

(-) Call Tracking
Call tracking keeps track of every incoming and outgoing call, shows the number, time/date, and the duration of the call.

(-) Phone Book Access
Every phone number registered on the phone’s memory bank is also saved.

& it gets even worse (or better?)..

(-) GPS Location Tracking
Not only does it show you exactly where the phone holder is at all times, it shows your via Google Maps.

Now you’re wondering.. well how exactly is this supposed to work?
If you’re an employer, or a parent, it’s a little bit easier – you do need access to the phone in order to install the app onto the phone you wish to monitor.  Simply download the app, and it completely disappears and is basically undetectable (unless you’re a BB-wiz). It’s supposed to download quickly (in case you’re trying to install it while your partner is momentarily occupied).  You fill in your info, and it sends every single piece of information listed above ^ straight to your email.

Is this even legal?
Well, yes & no. Here is the disclaimer on Spyapps.com:

Disclaimer: SpyBubble is a software program designed to gather information about a phone. You should be the legal owner of the phone or have permission from the user of the phone in order to install SpyBubble on it.
If you don’t comply with this, you may be breaking federal, state, or local laws, depending on where you live.”

Chances are, you might not be able to argue that you “own” your partner’s phone.. what if they’re your gf/bf? Or what if your wife/husband bought the phone themselves? Exactly, that’s probably where this app becomes illegal for you to use. Permission from the user? Come on, like that will really happen. If you’re an employer or parent, you’re good to go.
It just doesn’t seem very ethical in my opinion, a GPS locator?

Not surprisingly, this app isn’t listed on blackberryappworld:

If you want to download it you’ll have to go to the Spy Bubble website:

(Insider’s Tip: The website states the regular price is $149.95, on sale for $59.95, and that you must “remember, this offer will only last until Midnight EST, Feb 07, 2011” but everyday the date changes to be midnight of any given day. Tomorrow it will be until midnight on Feb 08, 2011. Ha!)


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