5 Minute Clinical Consult

So I’m in the process of moving, sleeping on the floor.. you know the whole deal, trying to find an order-pizza app (no dice) & randomly came across 5 Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC). An app for $80 bucks? I was intrigued.

The BB App World App (tongue twister) states that 5MCC has been the #1 selling handheld version since 1994.

Wait what? a) I’m going to assume “5 Minute Clinical Consult” is the only 5 minute clinical consult, so naturally I’d assume it’d be the #1 seller in its field. but b) handheld and 1994 doesn’t even compute in my brain.
Handheld pieces of paper? This was the mid-1990s. This is the kind of cellphone we’re talking about here:

If you google “1994” and “cellphone” you mostly see things like: “did cellphones exist in 1994?” “milestones” “history” “5lbs”‘
yea, next?
“Whether you need to confirm critical diagnostic criteria prior to treatment, or are trying to choose the best medical or surgical approach for a particular patient…” Hold up.
So we’re talking about the WebMD of blackberry apps, except, the target audience happens to be actual, real-life physicians who need help picking out which surgical “approach” to take? Even more intrigued.

Now, BlackberryAppWorld.com has a totally different synopsis of 5MCC that sounds a little bit better.  They even released a case study where a bunch of doctors gave rave reviews about how hard their doctor-lives were before 5MCC existed and now they can actual be real people who “dine out” and go to “soccer games” —

Here are some of my favorite items about 5MCC’s BB app:

Yes! Treatment recommendations.

Doctors can even have a list of their favorite medical ailments and diseases.

Hell, if it weren’t so expensive I’d download it and self-diagnose all. the. time. This could solve the healthcare situation. 5MCC should be like buzzd and create a fire-flame ranking system, anything orange and below, eh – you’ll survive.

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