Go Daddy

Go Daddy BB app, buying overpriced .coms and managing non-bid auctions has never been easier!

I can’t even hate, I actually have 18 domains at Go Daddy. They suckered me in when I was a newbie and now I’m too afraid of change to do anything about it.
Am I the only one who is absolutely boggled by the choice of “Go Daddy” for a domain name? It sounds a bit like a sugar daddy/sugar baby website or a old man/young girl porn site. I don’t know.

I actually really like this app. Now I can buy domains on the go. Sometimes I do get a bit inspired by something I see walking around, plus now I don’t have to sit in front of my computer for hours trying to find a simple .com that hasn’t been taken. I can walk & search, eat & search, shower & search.. the list goes on.

So, they made buying domains really easy. You can enter the domain name and go straight to an express check-out, damn; can they be more obvious? But where the hell is the auction section? I even tried going through Domain Manager thinking maybe they hid it somewhere in there, nope nothing. Great.

Other features- you can fiddle around with a few domain details (forwarding, auto renew), change your contact info, blah blah.
I think the best feature is the “contact us” option.  I never would have thought to include it, but now that I know it exists why don’t all web-to-mobile apps have it? With a single click you can call or email them.

Go Daddy gets an A.

EDIT: Check this out. I tweeted my thoughts & Go Daddy tweeted back; let’s hope they really do add it!


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2 responses to “Go Daddy

  1. Plus, love them or hate them, Go Daddy’s commercials are certainly memorable!

    • Yea I’ve always sat with a confused look on my face afterwards, but I think the confusion is a part of the marketing strategy. “What the hell is this Go Daddy crap?!”

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