BB v Iphone

So recently Juniper Research released a long-ass (& really expensive) study that said, in a nutshell, by 2015 the number of apps downloaded will be in the 25B range (source).

World-wide about 30M apps are downloaded per day, with BB accounting for about 2M of those apps. I’m no math genius, but basically it’ll take BB about 3 years to hit the 1B mark. Why is iphone leaving BB in the dust?

It’s because they’re sluttier than us, apparently.
No, but in all honesty if you own an iphone chances are you’re Asian, and if you hate them you’re probably Black. If you’re White or Hispanic, well then you’re an equal-opportunity lover and like all 3 (iphone, BB, android). Yes, they are doing research on this.

When they release the study for “who’s better at flag football?” I’m sure iphoners will win, but “who is better at scrabble (the main determinant for intelligence)?” oh that’s easy, we win. So, whatever iphone.


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3 responses to “BB v Iphone

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  2. Haha awesome. I was contemplating getting and Iphone, but Ill stick with my trusty Blackberry. I will be upgrading to a blackberry storm 2. Any thoughts on the storm 2?

    • hey jm-

      it’s funny that you should mention the storm b/c i was honestly thinking about making a storm post; from a purely app-perspective, the storm is really unfriendly. most apps don’t work w/ the platform for a few reasons:
      1. most apps are designed for the ‘older’ (& more popular) devices- like the bold, curve, pearl..
      2. designers hate working with the storm-specific coding when it comes to writing apps (too laborious)
      3. and RIM is always slow to catch up; they release devices like the storm, but are totally unprepared for it. now that it’s been around a few years, app developers are slowly getting around to making apps that are storm-friendly.

      my advice? wait for the storm 3. they just released the specs, check it out: here.

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