Yelp, Top 25 BB app

Yelp App

Yelp, Top 25 BB app #1

I LOVE is my boy! I yelped a moving company earlier this morning (you know when a website is bomb ass when it becomes a verb).

Yelp App

Anyway, I downloaded the app earlier this morning. I was a little underwhelmed. Maybe I’m missing some crucial brain cells, but how can I submit my review? Isn’t that 90% of yelp? To submit bitchy (and sometimes rave) reviews? I mean, I want to be sitting in the sushi bar, eating my shrimp tempura roll, take out my BB, and bitch in real-time.
So OK, it’s a basic “I’m hungry” “Where to go?” “Oh (list of food nearby) sounds good!” “4 stars and $$?” “Kitties!”

Yelp App

But if you’re poor eco friendly like me, it doesn’t really work. Even if you’re 5 blocks from your destination.

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