Twitter, Top 25 BB App


Twitter, Top 25 BB App #2

Does anyone remember the ghetto good ol’ days when Twitter/Tweetie/Twitterberry/Tweetdeck/TweedleDeeTweedleDum’s (alright I made the last one up) BB app was just a two-toned box with your friends’ tweets and you had to refresh the newsfeed for updates, or wait a realllly long time for your “@__” replies?:

Oh orangatame.  I do.
It was so awful I just sent my tweets via “txt” if I was out. Then it showed you sent your tweet via “txt” which essentially how much of a lame-ass you were for not having a smart phone.

Twitter has since improved its app & added a bunch of neat-o, borderline too much, stuff:

They’ve crammed so much stuff into such a small app, Twitter for BB now, can do the following:

tweet, take a picture & upload it, show your tweet-feed, @’s, lists, your profile, DMs, help you find people, search, trending topics, check your spelling, call your voicemail, refresh your tweet-feed for you automatically (at a time of your choosing), notify you about tweets, replies, messages & mentions, double check to make sure you don’t give away any personal info, help you browse for people/topics by category, and I’m sure the list goes on..


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