Buzzd App

What is buzzd?  Well it’s supposed to be some sort of venue/”social”/city guide that helps you navigate the world around you.

The DL:
You have to let the app have access to your phone (it asks twice for two different things), which is to gather info about your whereabouts. So not necessarily the app for the privacy-prone.
I guess the *socialness* comes from the fact that you have to register for a screenname, and can upload a pic..

Truth be told, I’m not 100% what this app is. The website, looks pretty enough, but what is really going on?
Here’s what I’m guessing:

After you sign up for buzzd on your BB, you’re prompted to a screen that looks a little like this:
Buzzd App

Let’s be real, it looks a little early 90’s.
You can then flip between 3 different choices, “buzzing places,” “nearby places,” and “feed”

buzzing places
Is supposed to show us the (and I quote) “buzziest” of places *cringe*.
The buzzometer (I’m making that up, it’s actually called the buzzd meter) then shows the popularity of said spots on a sort of, flame like scale – yellow is not so hot, red is super hot. Whatever.
Since I’m in DC, the options I got were: The White House, Dino, Eden, Fogo de Chao and Ibiza. In that order.
I don’t know what makes something more buzzalicious over something else, but apparently the White House, two nightclubs and a brazilian steak house are the most poppin’ spots in DC.
Buzzd App

nearby places & feed seem to be exactly the same thing, maybe I’m missing something. Or maybe buzzd hasn’t worked out all their kinks.

I get what buzzd is trying to do, but it just doesn’t quite work.

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