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Google Maps, where to begin?

It can find “your” location, which is pretty nice considering sometimes I pop up out of the metro & haven’t the slightest idea as to where I am (yes, I live in DC where, yes the streets are letters and numbers – still. Sometimes you’re trying to navigate back to the metro from the club, and your alphabet gets all jacked up).
You can choose methods of transportation (Walking, Public, Car..). It looks a little like this:

Google Map App
Sometimes, if you’re extra lucky I’ve even thrown out random addresses like “XYZ Metro Station” and Google has filled in the address for me. Nice.
& it also shows the map path, with zoom in/out features.

Google Map

Not So Great:
“Your” location is within 500 feet, which, sometimes doesn’t help much.. sometimes it can even be further away, just depends on where in the US you’re located; so if you try this in Hootanaynay, Mississippi your nearest address might be Jackson, MS.
This is especially un-user-friendly when it tells you to “Go Northwest on Peach Street” and your on Banana Street. New Yorkers won’t have a problem with that. My NYer friends are constantly giving me directions via a compass, but unless it’s nighttime and the Northern Star is out; it’d be nice if the GPS could be better.
It also isn’t interactive; I’ve used it in my car, but it doesn’t update as you go along- this is a nice change from the British girl on GPS who constantly interrupts my favorite song on the radio, but not OK if you’ve missed the turn.
Lastly, it’s a little complicated when you first start, you have to learn shortcuts.. 1 means whatever it means, and 3 might be a zoom feature and # takes you back to the menu.

Click the icon to go directly to Gmail’s BB app.

Anyone else a fan/enemy?

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