First Post

This is my first post. Doesn’t get much simpler than that does it?

I created this website because I am a BB user frustrated by the process of finding & locating new apps, not to mention- figuring out if they’re even me-friendly (which is a little bit worse than user-friendly).

This will be a work in progress for me.  Here’s what is going to happen:

1. I’ll upload 1 app per post, along with a brief synopsis on my thoughts/opinions of the app. User comments are greatly appreciated. Maybe you agree with me, maybe you disagree? Maybe you know of an app that’s a better version of the one posted. Ultimately, I’ll want to install a rating system for an easier-viewing guide.

2. As I grow and expand, I hope to find other users to help me post, not only BB apps, but Droid and iphone apps as well. But that’s well into the future. ;)

Feel free to like this page, add it on FB, follow on twitter, and email me with your ideas & app suggestions!

– Whitney

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